Who are Physio SA?

At Physio SA you are guaranteed to be seen by the Clinic Principals - each with a minimum of 28 years of experience.

Physio SA has a team of professional physiotherapists who provide in a range of treatments that aim to improve mobility, posture and injury aiming to help you be pain-free. Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to help you feel better without the assistance of prescribed drugs.

It involves evaluating, diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders relating to muscle and joint problems.

Physio SA has helped our patients select the right course of treatment that complements their lifestyle, habits and needs.

We are a committed team who take the time to understand our patients’ problems. If you are looking for sound physiotherapy services Physio SA can help you.

What is Involved

Finding the right course of action can sometimes be difficult. Physio SA can help in our one-on-one consultations.

A comprehensive consultation is an important first step in working out a treatment plan that would benefit you.

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Physio SA

Dedicated Staff at Physio SA

Physio SA provides physiotherapy services in Payneham & Tranmere. We rely on our highly trained principal physiotherapists to assess and diagnose your condition.

We’re committed to designing and administering personal treatment programs to help improve and enhance your health. We’re able to use a combination of manual therapy and technology to maximise your potential.

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Our registered physiotherapists are qualified and have gone through extensive postgraduate training.

As members of the Aust. Physiotherapist Assoc. (A.P.A) they are committed to continuing education. Our diverse educational background and experiences enable us to provide our patients with the best treatments possible.

We also use the latest technology to further assist with your needs.