Back and Neck Pain

back neck pain physios in AdelaideAt Physio SA we like to explain, educate and teach our customers about Back pain & Neck pain. What it is, why it occurs and how you can fix or reduce the pain you are getting.

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What is low back pain?

 Using the John Hopkins Medicine definitions (

 “ Low back pain can range from mild, dull, annoying pain, to persistent, severe, disabling pain in the lower back. Pain in the lower back can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning and quality of life.”


What is neck pain?

Using the John Hopkins Medicine definitions (

Neck pain is pain that occurs in the area of the cervical vertebrae in the neck. Because of its location and range of motion, the neck is often left unprotected and subject to injury.

Pain in the back or neck area can be acute, which comes on suddenly and intensely, or chronic, which can last for weeks, months, or even years. The pain can be continuous or intermittent.


What causes back and neck pain?

John Hopkins Medicine lists some of these as the causes of pain:

  • Overuse, strenuous activity, or improper use such as repetitive or heavy lifting
  • Trauma, injury, or fractures
  • Degeneration of vertebrae, often caused by stresses on the muscles and ligaments that support the spine, or the effects of aging
  • Infection
  • Abnormal growth
  • Obesity due to increased weight on the spine and pressure on the discs
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Muscle tension or spasm
  • Sprain or strain
  • Ligament or muscle tears
  • Joint problems, such as arthritis
  • Smoking
  • Protruding or herniated (slipped) disk and pinched nerve
  • Osteoporosis and compression fractures
  • Congenital (present at birth) abnormalities of the vertebrae and bones


Rehabilitation for back and neck pain

At Physio SA –  back and neck pain treatment is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient, depending upon the type and severity of the pain, injury, or disease.

Our aim is to help the individual to return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life physically, emotionally, and socially.

The focus of PHYSIO SA treatment is on pain relief and improving function.

Our treatment will involve:

  • A thorough history and subjective examination.
  • A detailed objective assessment of all relevant areas involved
  • Mobilisation, manual therapy and manipulation as required.
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise programs including a clinical Pilates home program.
  • Patient education
  • Pain management techniques
  • Gait (walking) and movement re- education
  • Ergonomic assessments and work-related injury prevention programs