At Physio SA we have been treating people of all ages for their sports injuries for over 30 years. We have seen various injuries and pride ourselves in the ability to treat any injury. We have four locations in Adelaide please book in at the one closest to you.

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When it comes to Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of services. wether it is rehabilitation, maintenance of an existing injury, fixing up a sprained ankle or recover from surgery. Physio SA can help out with any general physio work that needs to be done.

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Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, can either come from a sports injury, a work place injury, vehicle accident, or even a house hold fall. We have experienced physio's that can help build up the strength in your body again and get the injured area back to working order.

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Back & neck pain

Back and neck pain is the most common concern that we see. Their our many reasons as to the cause of back and neck pain, majority of it stems from poor posture, type of work, & sports injuries. 

Shoulder pain

Physio SA specialises in treating shoulders & elbows. We have been focusing on this area for over 30 years. Book at any of our locations for treatment related to shoulders and elbows.

Muscle strains

Muscle strains can come at any time, it can be from something as simple as picking up a ball from the ground. If you have strained something then give us a call and we can work on it so you can get your mobility back.

Muscle sprains

A sprain is more serious than a strain, when you sprain something its best to book in right away. As doing movements that strain your sprain can make it worse in the long run.


Pilates is becoming more and more popular in society. Pilates is great for building core strength which is vital in rehabiliation of strains, sprains, surgery, and injuries. Book in at any of our locations for pilates. 

Motor vehicle injuries

Rehabilitation for patients in motor vehicle accidents is generally the best way to improve movement, strength, and mobility. At Physio SA we can help gain this movement back, and have over 30 years experience doing so.

Physios Adelaide

Experienced Physios Adelaide

Physio SA has been operating in Adelaide for over 30 years. Are registered Physios have treated many different injuries over the years.

Servicing the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. With locations in Payneham. Tranmere. 

To book an appointment with us please click the book appointment link. 

We look forward to working with you and getting you back on the way to recovery.