Physio SA Offer A Wide Range Of Physiotherapy Services To Patients In Adelaide

Physiotherapy Services Adelaide

Physiotherapy is clinically safe and an effective way to treat muscles, bones and joint injuries.  

Physiotherapy is a proven beneficial treatment that’s safe, gentle and effective.

Our registered physiotherapists offer treatments in a clean and relaxed environment. We focus on exercise, diet and gentle therapeutic exercise to restore your function to the highest possible level. 

The Physiotherapist staff at Physio SA have over 30 years experience treating a wide variety of injuries and ongoing issues. We pride ourselves on offering the best care every time. 

We are hear to help and to get you back to the best position possible. In addition to this we aim to educate you on how to limit or prevent your injury from controlling your life. 

In a lot of cases there are exercise, stretches and movements you can perform to keep your body mobile and strong. We look forward to helping you with your issue. 

We have four locations around Adelaide

Payneham, & TranmereTo make a booking at any of these clinics please click the links to get there contact details.

Physio SA  can help you with many different physiotherapy issues including things like: